Attorneys / Title Companies

Closing in Florida can occur with a Title Company or an Attorney. In Collier County, the Naples Board of Realtors (NABOR) Contract is the most common contract utilized. The NABOR contract indicates that the Buyer chooses the Closing Agent and pays for the Title Insurance. As a Seller, you may elect to use the same Closing Agent for the preparation of your Seller closing documents, or you may elect to hire your own attorney. Many of our customers are accustomed to having an attorney handle their real estate transactions and this is often an ideal choice for representation as you have legal guidance should any issues arise in the sales process.

We have provided a list of Attorneys that we work with regularly. Each has their own set of fees, and you may choose to contact them for a current quote in advance of writing an offer (or for Sellers - prior to receiving an offer on your property).  The general range is $750 - 1,250, but could differ depending on the transaction details. 
Attorneys for your consideration:

Michael Durant, Attorney
Conroy, Conroy & Durant
2210 Vanderbilt Beach Road, #1201, Naples FL 34109
Office: 239-649-5200

Bradley D. Bryant, Attorney
Bryant Law
4851 Tamiami Trail North, Suite 300, Naples, FL 34103
Office: 239-566-1001
Justin Cottrell, Attorney
Grant, Cottrell and Miller-Meyers
5147 Castello Drive, Suite #100, Naples, FL 34103
Office: (239) 449-4899

The following Title Companies will also prepare Seller Closing Documents (as they have in-house attorneys) and we offer them for your consideration as well:

Julie Johnson, Real Estate Closing Specialist
Cottrell Title & Escrow
5147 Castello Drive, Naples, FL, 34103 US
Office: 239-201-2616

Jennifer Euler, Title Agent
First Boston Title
2180 Immokalee Road, Suite 212, Naples, FL 34110
Office: 239-596-3650

Heather Dest, Escrow Agent
Bryant Title & Escrow
1638 Triangle Palm Terrace, Naples, FL 34119
Office: 239-566-1001

As always, we are happy to address any questions you may have.